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Accessories After the Fact: The Travyon Martin Murder Cover-Up

This book discloses the untold story and critical facts that jurors were never given by the prosecutor but would have affected their decision of guilt or innocence. Here is a Truthout article I wrote about my book: . If you wish to make a donation for the author's efforts on researching and sharing this information, you can change the 0.00 to your donation amount in the order details section and then buy the product. However, a donation is NOT REQUIRED in order to receive this e-book.

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Here is the Writer's Digest review: "The book tackles a prevalent, dangerous topic: institutional racism. The author clearly states that racism is the heart of the story of Trayvon Martin's murder and George Zimmerman's acquittal. Public interest in the case, and the prevalence of similar stories make this book a timely part of the discussion. The author's rage is understandable and yet is controlled and directed at solutions. The author's approach ... will equip those who agree with logic and reasoning, and it will encourage those who are unsure to see the racial undercurrents of American culture. The book includes numerous list, statistics, charts, conversations, legislation, and other elements that establish the claims, and modulate the pace of the book. The chapter "Where Do We Go from Here" is practical and combats the frustration and despair that come from facing the facts presented earlier in the book. The subtitle tells the author's point of view up front ... The table in the back matter presents evidence and concisely details the arguments of the book, making it easy to share the author's insights with others." Judge, 2nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards 2014  (At this time, I had published the book under a different name which was State of Florida v. Trayvon Martin: A Murder Cover-Up and Obtaining Justice)